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Minimalist house

Minimalist House

Utopia's architects were commissioned to design a minimal dwelling. The minimalist house in Portugal is located on a small plot of land in the center of Matosinhos, on Rua de S. Salvador between an apartment building and a two-story building. The architectural design of this

Passive House in Portugal

Passive house in Portugal

Our architects were commissioned to design a passive house according to the latest scientific developments and the most advanced design practices. The land is urban and located at Rua Roberto Ivens in Matosinhos, Portugal. The architectural project was built from start to finish with the

Loft House in Porto

House Loft

On Rua Guerra Junqueiro, a prime area of ​​Porto (Portugal) , the Utopia architects were contacted to convert a 19th century industrial warehouse that had precisely the potential to become a house with the characteristics of a Loft.  The Loft Concept The loft concept thus reflects the

Porto Historical Centre Housing

Porto Historical Centre Housing

Our architects were contacted to design the architectural project and the engineering specialties of a building on Rua de Trás, in Porto, in the heart of the historic center. The challenge was to rebuild a residential building while maintaining the traditional architectural design in the

Historic Building Rehabilitation

Historic Building Rehabilitation

THE CHOICE OF THE ARCHITECTS The former Cedofeita Parish Building in Porto started to be administered by the the Portuguese government, more specifically, the Ministry of Internal Administration (M.A.I.). This same entity launched a public tender for the rehabilitation of the Building, with the participation of

Church and Parish Centre

Church and Parish Centre

CHURCH AND PARISH CENTER Our architects were invited to develop a Church and Parish Center in the Lisbon region, more specifically in the district of Setúbal, municipality of Moita, parish of Vale da Amoreira. The experience we have in the work of a social or symbolic

Nursing home in Portugal

Nursing Home in Portugal

THE INVESTMENT Our architects were called to develop an architecture and specialties project for a nursing home located in Santa Maria da Feira but which will receive users from all over Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. The recently approved licensing project is of particular complexity

Bioclimatic House in Portugal

Bioclimatic House

We were asked to design a house that would incorporate the concepts of bioclimatic architecture in a rural context in Carregal do Sal, Portugal. This house should therefore take advantage of the climatic conditions in which it operates in order to minimize energy consumption and

Winery in Douro

Winery in Douro

The architecture conceptOur architects were hired to design the rehabilitation and expansion with a new construction of a winery in the Douro region, Portugal, more specifically in S. João da Pesqueira. Thus, the architecture project has two aspects. On one hand, the intention is to

Xing Office

The Architect and the IT Company OfficeThe role of the architect when designing the architecture office project for na IT company ( Information Technology ) is absolutely crucial. The main objective for the architect is to create a space that promotes creativity along with productivity. In