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Our services start after the acceptance of a contract that guarantees the rights and responsibilities of both parts. Therefore, we guarantee your reliance and the quality of your project. Here, you will be able to consult our procedure and how we calculate our fees.

Asking for fees

You can get a busyness proposal from our architects cabinet after sending us the required information about your project. Hence, please see the contact us section and e-mail us with your enquiry.

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How are architechture and engineering fees calculated?

We calculate our fees in two ways according to the project type:

1. According to the Portuguese legislation published in 1972 that regulates public fees for architecture and engineering projects.

2. According to the cost/hour of the service we provide for private clients. We can estimate the time needed and establish a value for the hour.

Schedule and deadlines

Planning is sacred for us. Basically, we conceive with you several stages of development with different dates of delivery. Deadlines are something we are proud of accomplishing. We know that you think exactly the same.

Payment Stages

Any project has several working and payment stages. This is a guarantee that all decisions we take and that all solutions we develop are oriented towards your objectives. You can also have contact with this development and continuous dialogue with our architects. When each stage is finished a payment is made.

Public Aids

The European Union has several public aids to strategic investment ion some areas. We are frequently asked to have compatible projects with this public strategic programs. Healthcare, Tourism, Education and Industry are some of the most important sectors for public financial aids. Our master plans and architecture projects are always compatible with this programs.

Frequent Questions about our fees

Find here some of the most common answers about architecture fees and civil engineering project costs.

Are there any fixed fees for architectural services?

We provide a proposal to our clientes that has a fixed fees that has payments made in stages. Other architects may charge differently. The design market is open following european union market rules.