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The architecture portfolio of the Utopia architects studio has works dating back more than two decades. The single-family houses are extremely numerous and diversified works. The hotels are projects that we design for companies operating in rural and urban tourism. Public buildings are projects for public use that we carry out for municipalities, companies and central administration. The factories are works that we design for large companies in the industrial sector. Health facilities are building projects that house various health treatments. In the workspaces we approach office projects for companies. In the ERPI category are residential structures for the elderly. In the portfolio of housing buildings are multi-family housing projects for lease or sale.

Types of Architectural works



Our portfolio of single-family homes includes houses designed according to principles of energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and careful integration into the landscape. At the same time, all the houses we design are unique and will last over time, with low maintenance and near zero energy consumption costs. Read more



Our portfolio of Tourism and Hospitality works demonstrates the appreciation we have for Portuguese heritage and culture. However, we add the sophistication, modernity and comfort of modern architecture to our hotels. Whether in the city or in the countryside, we design each tourist facility with a reduced ecological footprint. Read more

Multifamily Housing

Multifamily housing

The portfolio of collective housing buildings that we develop includes projects in which horizontal property is constituted. That is, they are multifamily housing projects in which there are several apartments and a common condominium. Read more



The workspace portfolio includes offices that our architects designed for medium and large companies. This includes both offices for more than 300 workers and coworking spaces for rent. Read more

Senior Care

Senior housing

Our portfolio of residential structures for the elderly includes nursing homes that we design in new buildings or renovated buildings. These geriatric equipment seek maximum efficiency in construction, low maintenance costs, and perfect comfort for the elderly. Read more

Health Facilities

Health facilities

Our portfolio of healthcare establishments includes the various buildings and facilities that make up the healthcare sector. In these projects we include hospitals, pharmacies and clinics and long-term care units. Hygiene, comfort, low maintenance costs and compliance with legislation are our priorities. Read more



Our portfolio of factory buildings includes several factories and industrial warehouses that we design for Portuguese and multinational companies. In all these industrial buildings we seek productivity, worker safety and scrupulous compliance with legislation. Read more

Public Buildings

Public buildings

Our architects' portfolio of public buildings is a heterogeneous set of buildings that includes schools, museums, churches, crematoriums and courts. Clients are mainly public entities such as local authorities, central administration and companies in particular cases. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions about our architecture portfolio

Check here the most common questions asked by our architects and engineers about our curriculum of architectural works and projects

Is modern architecture more expensive?

Not at all. Modern architecture was born from the industrial revolution and the resulting change in construction processes. At the same time, construction using traditional methods became increasingly expensive. In this way, architects invented new forms that adapt to the needs of the time. In summary, we can say with certainty that modern architecture makes construction cheaper and more efficient.

Is traditional architecture less thermally efficient?

No. However, it is important to distinguish between traditional architecture and traditional construction. So today we can have traditional architecture built in a modern way and with thermally efficient construction processes. However, traditional architecture built using traditional methods is not as efficient as current construction.

Do architects give the same value to a house and a hotel?

Yes. Above all, we embrace all our projects as if they were the first. Therefore, our professionalism is the same whether it is a house project or a tourist investment. In short, every architect and engineer of ours knows this and tries to demonstrate it every day.