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Our architects and engineers provide a wide group of services according to the need of our clients and our knowledge. Our architecture and engineering services make our clients increase savings in time, logistics and finance. We like to underline our quality and competitiveness on the architecture project and on the several engineering projects. We develop small projects such as furniture design or interior architecture. Nonetheless, we design medium scale projects such as buildings of different types and even large scale projects such as landscape architecture works. Similarly, we are also proud of our designs for resorts, master plans and urban projects. We also include on our range of services the site surveillance and tender management.

Our range of services can also be adapted to the specific needs of our clients.

Ricardo Cruz, architect

Architecture Projects

The architecture project is a set of written and drawn documents developed by a team of architects. This team knows the objectives, the programme, the financial budget, the surrounding territory and the legislation. The architecture team conceives and designs architecture solutions adapted to all this previous facts. The architecture project has several working stages: preliminary programme, preliminary studies, planning submission, building regulations submission, execution project and finally construction supervision.

Engineering Projects

Engineering projects are a set of documents that explain each construction calculation. They therefore allow the expected result in the architecture design. Each engineering project gives the necessary detail to each theme: structure, drainage, water supply, thermal behaviour, acoustic behaviour, mechanical installations, ventilation and acclimatisation. The complexity of each theme implies the existence of a specialized engineer on the subject of the project. At the same time, the fact that several specialized projects are developed separately implies the existence of a project manager that coordinates the whole work and compatibility between projects. We at Utopia provide all this services allowing a safe investment for our clients.

Urban Projects

Town planning projects or urban projects include all studies and projects with large scale impact. Tourist resorts are some of the projects here included but we should also refer master plans and strategic plans. We should also not forget some of the towers and skyscrapers we developed since they had large urban impact on the soil and landscape level.

Interior Architecture

Interior architecture projects or the also called interior design projects are part of the group of services our architecture practice provides. They are very common on an hotel renovation or any other tourist building, on luxury houses and high level offices. This service can be provided in two big types: fit-out in which all finishings are changed, and FF&E (furniture fixtures and equipment) in which only furniture an equipments are renovated.


The development of design services is also a strong asset of our design firm. We should primarily speak about the furniture design , product design and industrial design because of the importance they have on our design practice. Other works like brand design or graphic design have also been provided by our team with success since they were also related in some way to real estate services.

Landscape Architecture

Exterior works on parks and gardens, plazas, urban streets, open parking lots or other large scale projects with impact on the land are all part of the Landscape architecture services. It implies the knowledge of biology, botanic, agriculture, architecture, town planning and others. Landscape projects are also our favourite tool to promote sustainable architecture designs. We fight for a more ecological society and the creation of a more environmental friendly world.

Construction Supervision

Construction supervision can include a wide range of services such as site inspections, surveys or construction management. Each project must be analysed and a proposal should always be tailor made in order to be competitive and effective. The primary role of these services is to assure that the project is built correctly. It also  ensures that the project has all the technical specifications included. We can therefore accomplish our clients objectives and deadlines.

Frequent asked questions about our services

You can also read here some important answers that we provide on our design practice. Themes such as sustainable architecture, best construction methods, costs and contractors.

For what kind of sectors do you develop your services?

As you may see on our portfolio you can find there we develop all kind of projects. As one of the leading chartered architectural firms in Portugal, the team at Utopia Architects provide professional design & consultancy for any commercial, industrial and residential projects. With over twelve years experience as an architectural practice, Utopia Architects Practice provide a highly professional project & planning management service, from concept to completion.

Can Utopia provide interior decoration and architecture services at same time?

Yes, we can develop architecture and interior architecture at the same time. It’s something very common that adds consistency to the project.

Can Utopia provide a detailed a detailed proposal of the specific services provided.

Yes, of course. As well as the services of Building Design, Statutory Approvals, Specifications, Tender Documentation, Contract Administration and Inspections. Conditional Reports and Feasibility Studies can be undertaken in conjunction with Quantity Surveyors, Structural and Service Engineers. A Design Package can be tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the Client,  whether in Portugal or any other country. Utopia architectural practice has had experience of reporting on Building Defects, Energy, Conservation, Fire Prevention and Planning Appeals. Our experience over the years has been with the Private Sector as well as that of the local Housing Association and the local Housing Executive.