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Our portfolio of works is a summary of the work of more than two decades. Here you can see projects built or to be built, entries in competitions or award winning projects. To make our projects' portfolio more accessible, we have divided our work into four categories according to the main type of service provided. Architecture works represent the most significant portion of our work. Urban Planning projects are large scale works that have become increasingly important. Interior Architecture works are relatively small projects, but due to their human nature they deserve our attention. Design creations were works developed to equip some of our works or in response to specific requests from public entities or companies.


Get to know our different architectural projects. The work we develop is proudly heterogeneous, just like our clients. Therefore, we like to treat each client in a special way, safeguarding the program objectives, the budget and the surrounding landscape. Our portfolio of architectural works is divided into subcategories that group the different types of uses for which the buildings are intended.


Architecture portfolio

Our architectural works include both new constructions from scratch and rehabilitation of existing buildings. In all our architectural works there is a concern with energy efficiency and sustainability. Read more


Urban projects all have in common the fact that they design the public space. In this sense, these are projects of greater responsibility. We developped a vast work of small, medium and large urban designs. Get to know our masterplans, allotments, urban projects, gardens, detailed plans and general strategic studies.


Urban design portfolio

Our urban planning works include all projects that have space for public use. This category includes feasibility studies, requests for prior information and licensing of urbanization works. Efficient land use, environmental sustainability and consistent landscape design were our priorities. Read more

Different types of urban design works

Interior architecture

Our architects have already carried out an important set of interior architecture works in both the housing and services sectors. In housing interior design work, it is mainly the renovations of upper-middle and upper-middle range apartments that predominate. In the services sector, these are mainly interior works linked to commerce and restaurants. Here you can learn about the care with which we develop interior design solutions according to the particular needs of our clients.

Interior Architecture

Interior architecture portfolio

Our Interior Architecture portfolio mainly includes works in which detail, furniture, decoration, lighting and finishes are of greater importance. These are works that are usually exempt from licensing and are therefore faster. However, they all required enormous preparation and care in the execution project. Read more

Different types of interior architecture works


Our studio developed a vast work of design projects according to client requests. Thus, from graphic design to brand design, including product and furniture design, the most important sectors of design were cherished by us. Some of the furniture and lighting pieces have appeared in several other projects we have undertaken. The remaining design works were specific commissions for particular cases.


Design portfolio

The works that make up our design portfolio are above all responses to well identified problems. At the same time, we seek that the answers incorporate principles of sustainability and efficiency in production. Some of these pieces were produced industrially, however others were created by master craftsmen. Read more

Different types of Design works

Frequently asked questions about our works

See here the most common questions to our architects and engineers about our construction and project curriculum.

What kind of architectural projects does the Utopia studio develop?

We design all kinds of architecture projects. However, you can consult our architecture portfolio and see for yourself. Thus, in it you will find renovations of old houses, houses with modern architecture, hotel projects or rural hotels, remodeling of shops, cultural centers, residential or office buildings, amusement parks, industrial licensing, warehouses, public equipment, allotments, etc... In short, we design all uses.

Were urban planning projects only carried out by architects and engineers?

No. In fact, there are urban planners from a variety of professions. In this way, each profession contributes a little with its specific knowledge. Thus, economists look at the city's problems with an economic eye. Likewise, geographers look at urbanism with the tools that come from geography.
In short, architects look at urbanism with a vision of the discipline of architecture. Finally, it is from the confrontation and debate of these professionals that urbanism gains greater precision.

What is the difference between a design work and an architecture work?

In principle, it can be said that architecture belongs to the place and time in which it is made. However, design is more global. That is, it is not dependent on a personalized client. That is, the customer is a certain market. That's why the architect makes a more architectural design while the designer ends up making something more impersonal and multiplyable.

Are interior architecture works done by decorators?

No, because interior architecture requires professionals qualified in architecture. It therefore involves situations of a technical and legal nature that only qualified professionals are aware of. How to build well and at low cost or how to promote accessibility for people with disabilities are issues that only the interior architect can master. That is, if they are not resolved, they could cause some unnecessary legal problems or discriminatory situations for people with reduced mobility.