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Urbanism works


Our design office already has a vast portfolio of urban planning works. Urban projects are large constructions or planning operations that often include several buildings with different uses. Allotments are projects where there is the creation and division into several properties and an intervention on public roads. Gardens encompass works where the outdoor green space has an urban scale and where landscaping is prominent.

Types of Urbanism works

Urban Subdivisions

Urban subdivisions

Our architects' subdivision portfolio is a set of works that include the creation of lots that give rise to new properties that can be transacted. These projects include changes to subdivision permits, industrial, residential, commercial and mixed subdivisions. Read more

Urban Developments

Urban developments

The urban project portfolio encompasses large projects that incorporate different buildings and different uses. These urban projects often include urbanization works, detailed plans and masterplans. These urban works are large in size and the clients are funds or large companies in the real estate sector. Read more



Our garden portfolio includes exterior design projects for public use in which the landscape architecture component gains special importance. In these works, mastering nature and landscape is the main objective. These works are mostly promoted by local administration and companies. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions about our urban planning portfolio

Check here the most common questions asked by our architects and engineers about our urban planning works and projects

Can I sell lots from a subdivision project without building anything?

No. You have to build everything that is public. That is, it must build road infrastructure and other specialties. However, you are not obliged to build the buildings. Contact a Utopia architect and receive a proposal for your investment.

Do the architects of utopia develop tree climbing or tree climbing parks?

Yes, in fact we have already developed a tree climbing park for Paredes de Coura. In short, it included an environmental impact study, holiday camp accommodation, a campsite, a swimming pool and a restaurant.

Does the architect check whether it is possible to build an industrial subdivision?

Our urban architects certainly do. First of all, the land must be classified as an industrial area or have a classification that allows compatible use for this purpose. Therefore, we verified this issue by analyzing the regulations of the respective City Council. Later we will have to analyze whether it will be possible to urbanize with buildings housing industrial activity. In short, consult a Utopia architect and find out more information in this regard.