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Utopia Architects and Engineers

We create inspiring projects designed by a team of architects and engineers working side by side with you. Our headquarters are based in Porto, Portugal, but we develop architecture and engineering projects all across the world. We  have more than a decade of work where inovation, thechnical skils, and budget reponsability have always been our secret for successfull aesthetics.

Our architecture practice has architects and engineers with a long professional experience dedicated to achieving our client’s objectives and providing inspiring projects.

We provide the services you need in order to reduce all of your worries and manage all aspects of the project.

Planning and building regulations are a fundamental theme for the success of your investment. Therefore, we take this responsability very seriously.

Our fees are calculated in a very precise and detailed process, providing you all the details in a competetive written proposal before any contract.


We design inovating architecture projects, wether on new constructions or any conversion, rehabilitation, reconstruction or enlargment. Our solutions are born from your ideas, transformed by the place and the specifications of any program.

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Town Planning

We design large scale real estate operations with complex and detailed master plans. Moreover, we design new urban areas, new landscapes, including ecological principles with large green spaces. We always look for both economic and environmental sustainability.

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Interior architecture

We design interior decorations with original concepts aplied on retail spaces, hotels, restaurants and dwellings. We provide drawings and written documents with all technicall specifications, allowing fair and competitive tenders, the quality control on the construction and acomplished deadlines.

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We design branding, product design according to innovative strategies that provide more value to our clients. We create furniture designs according to our clients challenging objectives and aesthetics objectives.

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  • Building Conversion
  • Residential building in Luanda
  • House Rehabilitation in Portugal
  • Loft House in Porto
    House Loft
  • House restoration in Portugal, Malta
  • Residence in Portugal, Maia
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Factory in Portugal


Do you want to know more about our architecture? Take a look at our portfolio of projects and works and you will certainly find the theme you were looking for.

Functional projects

We create shops and  retail spaces that are unique and functional. We design public buildings such as schools, kindergartens, police stations, courts, and others. The offices we built promote a productive work environment with comfort. Our houses  are adapted to the territory and our clients profile. The industry projects we provide are built according to all regulations and to high security and productive standards. Our senior residences were designed with maximum optimization of the financial resources available. The restaurants we create include a variety of modern spaces or traditional ones, but always unique and functional. The health buildings designed by our architects team obey to high quality and security standards and according to all specific regulations. The resorts and hotels we have designed produced innovating strategies that added value to our clients and to the regions where they were built.

Talk with our architects

You can contact our architecture office and meet our architects. We have an enourmous pleasure in answering your questions about your investment through online forms, visiting your plot or building, meating you personally and providing you a busyness proposal.

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Project Stages

Our designs result from a process with previously determined deadlines and clear budgets. The payment of our fees is made only when one stage is finished.

Busyness Proposal

We provide more than free busyness proposals. We develop detailed competitive fees adapted to our clients objectives.

Preliminary Studies

Our designs are taillor made. Our work starts from the knowledge of your needs and we then develop drawings and models that will show you our solutions.

Planning Permission

We prepare the planning permission needed for your investment. Our projects respect all regulations and security standards.

Execution Project

We develop our works with enourmous detail on the drawings and written specifications. We provide all construction details, measures, materials descriptions.

Construction Tenders

If required by our clients we manage the construction tenders. We provide all documentation needed to contracters in order to have fair and competitive bids that will result in a quality work.

Site Surveillance

When required we can manage the construction surveillance avoiding unecessary errors or time consuming tasks. We also provide all technical specifications needed and support for any unexpected work.