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House renovation and enlargement

Our architects were asked to rehabilitate a traditional granite house and expand it to accommodate the current comfort needs of a contemporary family. The existing building is maintained and restored throughout the exterior and roofing. Our strategy was based on the creation of a glass volume that incorporates the entrance and articulates the routes to the social zone, to the private zone and to the garden. The new volume is an iconic and symbolic form of the word home. It is completely modern but has this abstract and minimalist side that comes from having the same finish on the cover and on the wall. It is at the bottom of the symbology of the house itself.
In the old building we improved the thermal performance and put the rooms and bathrooms. In the new building the living room, dining room and kitchen. The interior is sober, simple and elegant.
The project gains a surreal or even ironic side to modernism. The house is indeed modern but incorporates feelings that seem ancestral to the very idea of ​​home.
In the background, it reminds us why children always design a house the same way regardless of the year they were born or wherever they came from …


February 20, 2018


Architecture, Housing