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Xing Office

The Architect and the IT Company Office The role of the architect when designing the architecture office project for na IT company ( Information Technology ) is absolutely crucial. The main objective for the architect is to create a space that promotes creativity along with productivity. In

Luminous house

The surroundings of Luminous House Located in the Porto area, our architects were hired to modify a lease plan and a new housing project adapted to the urban context and the specific program of the client. Luminous House architectural design The architectural design of the luminous house is

Functional Home

This functional home in Portugal, city of Maia, is above all an example of the close relationship that exists in the architecture project between aesthetics and functionality. The urban area and the program objectives The functional house is part of housing district in a quiet urban context.

House Restoration in Porto

House Restoration Our architects were commissioned to restore and expand a dwelling in the Foz do Douro area, ​​Porto. It was necessary to completely rebuild this house in Portugal in order to provide maximum thermal comfort and transform what was a modest house into a new

Concrete House

The Terrain and the Architecture Project The plot was located in Almacinha, county of Mortágua, Portugal  and had a diagonal view to the beautiful landscape of the Aguieira dam. We were asked to design a concrete concrete house with environmental concerns generating maximum thermal efficiency and

Efficient House

We were contracted to rehabilitate and reconvert a house in Paredes, Portugal, to make it an efficient house according to an environmental, energetic, aesthetic and functional approach. The reconversion of buildings from the 1980s is a complex task that involves the analysis of the structure

Eco Friendly House

We were hired to design an efficient bioclimatic house in Baltar, Paredes, Portugal. The land where the new ecological house was to be located was extremely leaning and had a small building to rehabilitate. The strategy was to create an eco friendly house characterized by

House renovation and enlargement

Our architects were asked to rehabilitate a traditional granite house and expand it to accommodate the current comfort needs of a contemporary family. The existing building is maintained and restored throughout the exterior and roofing. Our strategy was based on the creation of a glass

House Rehabilitation in Portugal

Our architects were contacted to design the rehabilitation and restoration of a traditional and historical house in Moreira da Maia, Oporto outskirts, in Portugal. These masonry and timber structures require technical skills that we are proud to own. The building is protected and is currently