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Luxury Villas in Portugal

The challenge was to generate a set of 5 modern luxury houses in band with the highest architectural and constructive quality carefully deployed in Matosinhos, Oporto by the sea. The concept of these dwellings in Portugal results from a design objective: to create a dwelling in which space and nature is in itself an element of comfort and refinement. Creating ample relationships between the various zones of the house even when located on different floors is the main focus of the architecture project . The winter garden with all its nature is the bonding element of all these spaces.
The concepts that summarize the proposal for these modern luxury villas in Portugal are:
– Lux
– Difference
– Nature
– Amplitude
– Lightness
When walking through the house or relaxing in any of its interior or exterior spaces we will realize the importance of this fluidity and the very lightness of the forms. This is luxury.


February 16, 2018


Architecture, Housing