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Modern House in Portugal

We were commissioned to design a modern one-floor villa on a plot near the sea in the parish of Madalena, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. Our strategy was based on an implantation that allowed us to take advantage of the available sea views. At the same time, we assured the necessary privacy in relation to those who are at the street.
The house is born with a patio shape. This means we have a swimming pool embraced by an “L” building that opens with glazing to the horizon. The garage appears as a recessed volume. This one connects with the house through a flap that guarantees a comfortable and neat connection.
The minimalist finishes in the “open space” and the light colors of the interiors give the house a cozy atmosphere. Therefore, it  allows us to enjoy the views in comfort. For the architects at Utopia design studio, functionality is key. Therefore, it is important the thermal comfort, energy efficiency, sustainability, low maintenance and surface optimization.
Therefore, functionality will enable us to enjoy a sunset over the sea or enjoy the sea breeze on a summer morning.


February 15, 2018


Architecture, Housing