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Porto Historical Centre Housing

Our architects were contacted to design the architectural project and the engineering specialties of a building on Rua de Trás, in Porto, in the heart of the historic center. The challenge was to rebuild a residential building while maintaining the traditional architectural design in the city and equipping it with the most modern comfort.


The Historic Center of Porto

Porto has undergone a profound transformation in recent years. Real estate investments renewed the city and the local populations started to live with activities such as Tourism or Restaurants. It is up to the architects to know how to transform this opportunity into a moment of safeguarding the city’s architectural and cultural heritage. In the end, housing is the engine of the city and should be valued as such. This is precisely what we want in this rehabilitation.


Housing Rehabilitation in the Historic Center

The rehabilitation of traditional housing can be just a facade job, or an entire construction process. It was this second option that we took. We believe that the heritage of Porto is capable of being used nowadays with the standards of comfort that we need.


A sustainable and environmentally friendly architecture

Reconstruction with traditional materials is the most sustainable option. Firstly, the reuse or recycling of materials is the most energy efficient process. In this project, granite masonry and wooden structures and elements were reused.


Collective Housing in the Historic Center

The center of Porto has its own types of collective housing that we decided to reuse and enhance. At the bottom, we put an elevator in the stairwell and allow all apartments to enjoy contemporary kitchens and bathrooms with maximum comfort. Thermal and acoustic insulation has also been increased. This was the work of our architects.
Basically, protecting the heritage of the historic center is, above all, using it.


May 25, 2021


Architecture, Housing