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House Restoration in Porto

House Restoration
Our architects were commissioned to restore and expand a dwelling in the Foz do Douro area, ​​Porto. It was necessary to completely rebuild this house in Portugal in order to provide maximum thermal comfort and transform what was a modest house into a new building where the charm and elegance of minimalism allow an efficient response to the client’s program.

The architecture project
The design of this house in Porto, Foz do Douro, is based on the optimization of all spaces in order to overcome the smallness of the plot. The ladder assumes a preponderant role allowing the light to enter all spaces. The social areas are always associated in a fluid way, always having the possibility of being separated by removable panels that can unite or separate the living room, kitchen and office. On the ground floor we find the living room, kitchen, office and common bathroom. Upstairs we have the master bedroom with private bathroom and the two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. On the second floor, the sauna and the terrace complete the program. All the house volume is optimized and used, the zones below the staircase , the sauna below the roof, the garden receiving a special pavement that allows the grass to grow while parking an electric vehicle.  In short, all the technical resources that multiply space are used on this architecture Projet.

The house in Foz do Douro
The strategy of efficiency in spatial distribution also goes hand in hand with a desire to maintain the charm of traditional architecture. But at the same time the architecture Projet includes contemporaneity and elegant modernity. Light is thus the most useful instrument to do so. In this sense, all spaces have natural lighting and in this way we can increase our perception of space. At the same time we promote the relationship of the interior with the green exterior.
In denser urban areas, it is always a challenge for the architect to install extensive programs within a restoration that complies with the urban egulations and preserves the authenticity of the neighborhoods. The optimization of the spaces with smart technical solutions together with a careful relationship between modernity and tradition allowed the most important objective: architecture with quality in a noble urban context.


November 2, 2018


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